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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Judicial Review finds NI Protocol conflicts with the Act of Union, but not unlawful

The TUV leader has responded to today’s Judicial Review ruling that the NI Protocol does ‘conflict with the Act of Union’ but ‘but not unlawful’.

Mr Justice Colton continued that as Parliament authorised the legislation, it’s lawful as it repeals part of the 1800 Act.

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Mr Justice Colton refused the case today at Belfast High Court brought by Unionists with included Northern Ireland representatives Former First Minister Arlene Foster, UUP MLA Steve Aiken, TUV Leader Jim Allister, Baroness Hoey and Lord Trimble.

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Statement by Jim Allister: “The key finding in today’s court ruling that the Protocol has repealed a key plank of the Acts of Union is a wake up call to every unionist. It is now confirmed the Protocol is dismantling the Union.

“Likewise, it must awaken Mr Poots to the urgent necessity to STOP implementing the Protocol.

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“This outcome, at this first stage, underscores the necessity to step up the political battle against the Protocol. No more north/southery while east/west is trashed. No more propping up the Belfast Agreement institutions while the Protocol manoeuvres us out of the Union.

“The court’s ruling that contrary to the Prime Minister’s assertion Art 6 of the Act of Union is repealed, HMG must now reverse the ‘mistake’ of repeal, if the PM’s words mean anything.”

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