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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Leisure Centre Management address Cockroach problem.

The Management and Staff of Coleraine Leisure Centre took to Social Media this afternoon to address concerns of customers after a video surfaced which showed cockroaches in the swimming pool changing rooms.

The statement said : “The Management and staff in Coleraine Leisure Centre wish to address our customers’ concerns regarding the presence of cockroaches in a changing room for the swimming pools.”

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“Ideal living conditions for cockroaches are warm, humid environments like swimming pools. In order to control the presence of these insects Coleraine Leisure Centre operates a service contract with a Pest Control company which stipulates regular monthly site visits and treatment against the presence of such pests. These visits are recorded and up to date.”

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“In spite of these precautions the Centre is experiencing problems at present which may be a consequence of the warmer weather we are enjoying right now. In recent weeks we have called for increased visits to deal with recorded sightings of these insects. This however will be of little comfort to our customers who are understandably concerned at the sight of them in and around areas where children and adults are changing and for which we apologise.”

“We have spoken to our service company and requested a full site inspection of the building so that we can understand the extent of the problem and perform treatments in areas identified as having cockroaches present, this may necessitate temporary closure of some areas.”

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“We would ask our customers to be patient as we deal with the problem, and be assured we are acting quickly to resolve the situation”

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