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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Linenhall Street in Rubbles

So after many years of campaigning by locals and local representatives about the ‘eyesore’ of Linenhall Street. The ‘Sticking Plaster’ that was the fake shop fronts, the infestation of Rats and the eventual sale last year, it lays tonight in rubbles.

Locals have praised the new owner and welcomed the demolition of the crumbling building. It is unclear yet what will be build it it’s place but over the next few weeks as the site is cleared a blight on our townladscape has been removed.

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Is this a move in the right direction. Is Ballymoney getting the facelift it needs with the shops throughout the town getting tidied up? And will this equate to an upturn in business investment and spend? 

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The next few years will tell a tale.

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