10.2 C
Thursday, May 19, 2022

Local Coleraine woman Nicole Watton wants your support to help those in need during this cold weather.

Many of us take it for granted that we can flick a switch or press a button and have heat instantly, a nice warm cup of tea or a warm place to sleep, But as we face the worst spells of weather in many years we are reminded that there are those less fortunate or those who are sleeping on the streets in this weather.

Any one interested in donating blankets warm clothes or anything else for venerable people in our community such as homeless elderly or families simply struggling please contact Nicole Watton tomorrow at Milburn Community House which will be open for people to call in drop things off and also those in need to pick things up .

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There will also be offering tea coffee and soup as well and somewhere warm to sit for a while and to eat or to chat and be listened to.

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Please support us with this.

Nicole Watton 07849588023

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