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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Local farm responds to ‘shooting’ incident surround dog

Earlier today a post on social media suggested a dog had been shot and killed by an employee of Rosepark Farm just outside Ballymoney.

It appears from those making comments on the post that the dog had strayed onto the farm and had displayed aggressive behaviour to the family’s visiting the farm.
The owners of the dog disputed this and had suggested that the animal was unlawful killed after being shot three times on their own property.
Details on the timeline of events are unclear with those who were on the farm and the owners who’s property boarders the farm disputing each other’s story.
Rosepark farm however confirmed an incident occurred and have issued the following statement.

The safety of our customers is always our number one priority here at Rosepark Farm.

Today there was an incident involving a dog that strayed onto our property. Which ultimately resulted in one of our employees making a hard decision to ensure the safety of a number of families and infant children in that area.

We reported the incident to the relevant authorities straightaway and a thorough investigation is now ongoing.

Fortunately, none of our customers were physically injured, but this was understandably a very frightening incident.

We appreciate our loyal customer base and know that most, if not all of you, will disregard any false information being posted regarding this incident.

We look forward to welcoming you all with us very soon.

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