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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Local farmers join effort to fight gorse fires

As wildfires continue to burn at several locations in North Antrim, local farmers have joined the battle to bring the blaze under control.

NIFRS have been battling the blaze since early yesterday, with 12 appliances and over 70 firefighters tacking the gorse fires.

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The smoke from the blaze can be seen for miles, as many have taken to social media to post pictures from their homes.

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The fires continues into the early hours, and the priority of farmers will be to protect their land and homes.

Using tanks normally reserved for slurry spreading, farmers have instead repurposed these into water tanks.

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But with a new day, will also bring new challenges, as the dry weather adds to the difficulty in being the situation under control.

📸 McAuley Multimedia
📸 McAuley Multimedia
📸 McAuley Multimedia
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