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Monday, May 16, 2022

Local MLA Mervyn Storey issues statement following meeting regards the safety of crossing on Gracehill Road

North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey has meet with senior Roads officials and Police to discuss crossings on the Gracehill Road.
Commenting after the meeting Mervyn Storey said,
For sometime I have been engaging with Roads Service in relation to road junctions at Walkers Cross and Clintiyffian. There have been a number of serious accidents at these junctions including a recent fatality.
Just prior to one of these further accidents at Walkers Cross, Roads Service had agreed to upgrade the signage at this particular location.
Our meeting was an opportunity to discuss the considerable number of concerns that have been raised with me over the last few months in relation to these particular crossings. This included, visibility, road markings and signage.
Road Service will now enhance the signage and road markings at these crossings in an attempt to reduce accidents. More work is still needed with issues such as driver awareness particular for tourists and visitors to the area and the issue of what information is conveyed when using satellite navigational systems.
It is was stated at the meeting that work at these sites will be completed in the next few weeks, however this accident again underlines the urgency of works at these junctions.
I will again be having discussions with David Porter from The Department of Infrastructure on Monday morning.

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