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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Manchester Arena Incident LIVE BLOG


 10.50pm There are reports coming in that an explosion has been heard at the Manchester Arena following a concert. It is not clear as to the nature of these possible explosions.

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11.35pm Emergency services are on site and reports say people are being treated for injuries.

11.45pm several of the attendees report that there was a smell of smoke after the explosion.

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12.15am The explosion took place in the foyer ticket area in the arena. Bomb disposal squad are now onsite.


  01.20am The explosion which was said to have taken place in the foyer ticket area could now have taken place in the outside public area of the arena. 

01.30am Reported that a second device could be involved and a controlled explosion is to take place shortly.

01.35am incident update: Police have performed a controlled explosion in Cathedral gardens after police found a suspected device

01.47am Police confirm that the suspicion package they preformed a controlled explosion on was not another device, instead abandoned clothes.

01.50am US sources are saying this attack was a result from a suicide bomber. THIS HAS YET TO BE CONFIRMED BY UK POLICE. 

The current terrorist level is at severe meaning an attack is highly likely. This is one level below CRITICAL, the highest threat level in the UK.

02.10am GMP Chief Constable to hold press conference soon at police HQ.

Theresa May says thoughts are with victims and families after what is being treated by police “as an appalling terrorist attack”

3.00am The chief Constable has made a statement to the press confirmation no 19 dead and around 50 injured. His through to are with those who were injured and the families of those who lost their lives.

An emergency number is now active: 01618569400. The chief Constable thanked the public but reminded them to be vigilant and if they have anything to report or witnessed the incident to call the Anti Terrorism hotline on 0800789321. 

GMP are working it’s the greater police and intelligence networks as well as corresponding with international intelligence services.

The Chiefs Constable closed without taking any questions but will keep public updated.

03.10am Press Association reporting that an emergency meeting of COBRA will take place tomorrow morning at 9am with Teressa May likely to suspend her campaign for tomorrow.

03.50am Ariana Grande manager releases statement on Twitter.  


07.00am Chief Constance makes second public statement in which he confirms 22 people have died which include children.

He also confirms the bomber died as a result from setting off an explosive device.

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