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McAuley: ‘Lack of public toilets at North Coast tourist spots continues to cause a stink’


DUP Counciklor John McAuley has said that the ‘lack of public toilets at North Coast tourist spots continues to cause a stink’, after raising the issue on Tuesday evening during a meeting of Council.

The issue was raised after locals complained that toilet facilities were ‘out of action’ over the weekend in the seaside town of Portstewart.

The DUP Councillor For the Causeway area said it this was now a ‘familiar issue’, going on to say: “Within the minutes of the last (Environmental Services Committee) meeting it was raised about the public toilets not being open on bank holidays in Portrush.

“It was reported back that there was a staffing and cleansing issue and that all had been resolved.

“However, there was a very similar issue on Sunday past in Portstewart. The toilets may have been open but only one of the three cubicles was usable, the other two were locked shut and the hand sanitiser was broken.

“To be honest they would have been better closed as they were an absolute disgrace.”

In conclusion, Mr McAuley who has now called for a review of the situation by the council’s director of environmental services, Aidan McPeake, finished with this appeal:

“These are basic facilities, they would need to be at least usable. I’m not sure appealing is the word you would use for a toilet facility but they would certainly need to be usable for the tourist industry. They need to be fresh and clean – they are totally unacceptable for tourist areas who are trying to attract people.”

Councillor McAuley also provided and update over similar concerns about toilet facilities for those using pitches at Ballymoney’s JDLC.

“Following complaints from both coaches and parents that there was no toilet facilities available during bookings at the JDLC pitches, I have received assurances from the Director of Council Leisure Services that they will be opened for this weekend and then for all games and training sessions in the future.

“I would like to thank council staff for their assistance in resolving this issues promptly.”