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Sunday, October 17, 2021

McAuley reacts to MLA John Dallat’s comments over lodges road sign

MLA John Dallat has said that a sign erected by an Orange Lodge, Bushside LOL 923, at an accident black spot is a ‘cheap publicity stunt’.

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Mr Dallat has said;

“This is a cheap publicity stunt by the Orangemen, they know well there’s a process and a credible group dealing with it,” he said.
The proper way to do this is through the official authorities with proper approval within the Road Traffic Act. It’s nonsense to suggest nothing is being done about it.”
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BUT newly elected DUP councillor John McAuley has hit back saying;

“John Dallat accusing Bushside LOL 923 of ‘a cheap publicity stunt’ just highlights his hatred of all things connected to the Unionist Community.

This issue is a major concern and the lodges involvement / willingness to help shows true community spirit, yet again I congratulate the members and thank them for erecting this sign as we continue to lobby the relevant departments for a permanent solution to the problem.

I hope Mr Dallat is as quick to criticise the action of his own community in the future as he certainly hasn’t been keen on condemning them for their actions of the past.

If you can’t say anything constructive or positive, don’t say anything at all.”

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