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McGuigan: ‘We need to prepare for Irish Unity’


North Antrim MLA, Philip McGuigan, has called for Northern Ireland to prepare for Irish Unity following a recent poll by the Irish Times.

The results of the poll suggest that the majority of voters in Northern Ireland are in favour of a referendum on a united Ireland.

This is “not unexpected” according to North Antrim MLA Philip McGuigan, going on to say:

“The discussion on Irish unity is already well underway across the island. I have always believed that the people of this island would be far better off if governed by ourselves and now more and more people are now becoming convinced off this fact. The results of this opinion poll, with 51% happy to see a referendum within 5 year and 47% in support of reunification, mean that the British government can no longer prevaricate over this issue. This trend is particularly strong among young voters so support for Unity is going to get even stronger with time.

“Brexit and being removed from the EU against the will of the majority of voters in the North has clearly meant that people are looking at other long term political solutions outside of the Union. People are also turned off by Boris Jonston and his Tory party who it is obvious know and understand little and care less about the North or its people.

“It is vital that we move now to a sensible and inclusive debate on what a reunified Ireland will look like. How for example can we grow the all island economy, how can we improve and incorporate a NHS across the island, what will our education system look like, how will the political institutions work, how will people’s culture be protected and much more.

“I welcome this recent opinion poll and I also welcome recent comments from some DUP MP’s that they need to prepare for a border boll. Even those currently opposed to reunification are talking about it and considering what their place in a united Ireland would be. We cannot allow a situation like brexit to develop with this referendum. The conversation needs to continue in a consolatory and common sense manner based on the facts and charting out a better, more prosperous future for all who live on this island.”