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Saturday, September 19, 2020

McLaughlin calls decision to re-open waste centres ‘irresponsible’

Following the decision to reopen Councils waste and recycling centres, the Sinn Féin Causeway Council team have said It is ‘disappointed at the decision taken by unionist councillors’, on the relaxation of lockdown these measures.

Councillor Cathal McLaughlin said:

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On Tuesday, 20 people sadly lost their lives to COVID-19, in the north. To date on the island of Ireland over 1,500 people have lost their lives and their families are grieving.

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“Mothers, fathers, daughters and sons.

“It is clear from figures over the last few days that we are in the peak of this crisis. We have not eliminated the virus. It is not beaten.

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“Now is therefore not the time to be relaxing measures. The decision to do so was both irresponsible and a distraction. We know this is difficult but we need to stick together to see this through otherwise our sacrifices for the past six weeks will have been in vain.

“NHS and frontline workers continue to ask us to stay at home.

“Our main focus must be on stopping the spread of this virus to protect our NHS and to save lives. The decision taken allows people to bring black bags of residual waste ONLY.

“We completely understand that households may have accumulated additional waste over this lockdown period but Council bin collections have continued as normal.

“The original decision to close recycling sites was taken to protect the lives of staff and the public by restricting the spread of CV.

“With the general lockdown remaining in place we believed these measures should have remained in place too.”

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