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McShane – ‘Stay away for the North Coast’


Sinn Féin’s Group leader on Causeway Coast and Glens Council, Cllr Cara McShane, has appealed again for everyone to stay at home this Easter weekend.

Cllr Cara McShane said:

“The North Coast and Glens is a magnet for thousands of people in normal times, but we are now living in extraordinary times.

“Tourism is a huge industry for all of us and is one of the major economic drivers in this area but in the current climate only stopping the spread of CV19 and saving lives is important. Our bars, restaurants and accommodation providers have shut their doors to help keep people safe.

“I am appealing for everyone else to do the right thing and to be selfless in these days ahead. Do not visit your second homes, caravan sites or have a day trip to the coast. Listen to the guidance by the health experts and by political and community leaders.

“Every decision you make, think of the people on the frontline who are putting their own health at risk and working around the clock to protect us.

“Think of the refuge collectors; the postal service staff; the people working in retail and all other essential services who are working to provide for us. They do not have a choice.

“Do not engage in non-essential travel. Stop the spread of this virus and stay at home.”