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Monday, May 16, 2022

Mervyn Storey, “DUP prioritys, HEALTH, EDUCATION & EMPLOYMENT”

Speaking during lasts night count for the North Antrim Westminster elections, MLA Mervyn Storey said that the future of Stormont was up to the party that was refusing to be realistic, referring to SF.

Mr Storey said that the DUP would go back without any red lined. In order for this to happen the parties needed a realistic approach to what the parties “CAN” do not what they “CAN’T”.

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Mr Storey went on to say if they can’t achieve this then they may “pack it up and go back to being governed by Westminster”.

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When asked what the DUPs priority would be if they could sort Stormont out, he simply said, Health, Education & Employment.

The DUP go into Westminster next week with 10 MP, an increase of 2 from the 2015 election.

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