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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Minister Storey comments on Rasharkin Orange Hall Attack

North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey spoke to fUSe fm this morning and has condemned yet an other sectarian attack on a Orange Hall Rasharkin Orange Hall was painted with republican slogans.

Commenting Mervyn Storey said,

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Regrettably yet again we have an other attack on an Orange Hall. Rasharkin Orange Hall has over the years been subjected to this display of sectarian bigotry too many times.

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I reecho the comments of the First Minster when she visited Strawletterdallon Orange Hall this week when referring to those who will rightly condemn this attack.

It is important such solidarity is not just displayed in the aftermath of an attack. We regularly see opposition to Loyal Order parades. Its members are often described as sectarian and as bigots. Alongside the rightful condemnation of attacks on property we need to hear condemnation of such verbal attacks on the institution and its members also.

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I know that the majority of the community in Rasharkin have and will continue to condemn these attacks and that those who were responsible are a very small unrepresentative group who continue to live in the past and have nothing positive to offer the community of Rasharkin.

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