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Monday, October 18, 2021

More vandalism at The Cornfield Project Coleraine

Situated between the estates of Milburn and Ballysally, the Cornfield projects has yet again been targeted by vandals after only a couple of weeks ago having their outdoor class room wreaked.

On this occasion the target of the vandals was a poly tunnel in the garden and allotment area. The damage was caused between Thursday evening and Friday morning.

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A statement released by the Cornfield Project reads;

“Over night The Cornfield Project Polytunnel has been damaged.

This destruction at the Cornfield is totally unacceptable to this end we have asked our CCTV operators who watch over the site to send us the recordings. We will then be handing them over to the PSNI to follow up for criminal damage and for payment to repair the damage caused from the culprits

The Cornfield Project is our community project and for idiots who think it`s good fun to cause hundreds of pounds of damage is not on

We have a beautiful site here which has taken a lot of effort by people to bring to the community also lots of children, men women granny and grandads all taking part in activities on the site every week with lots of new facilities added and with more ideas for future development and someone decides to go and wreck it its not right.

Please share this and if anyone knows who carried out this damage please let us know.

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