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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Mother & child die following serious Ballycastle RTC

A mother and her daughter have died following an RTC near Ballycastle on Tuesday.

The incident earlier on the Whitepark Road near the coastal town, where a mother and daughter have died as a result of a collision involving a quad and a tractors.

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Emergency services were dispatched on Tuesday evening including NIAS, Police, local Coastguard Units.

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The woman, named locally as Claire Smyth, had a another daughter involved in the RTC who was seriously injured.

The second child was transported by road to the local Causeway Hospital, before the Rescue 199 helicopter transported the child to the Belfast Royal Victoria hospital for further treatment.

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Jim Allister, MLA for the North Antrim area spoke yesterday evening saying:

“Reports tonight of a double family fatality in a traffic accident in the north of my constituency are distressing.

“While further details are awaited it is clear a local family has been plunged into deep mourning.“

The Westminster representative, MOIan Paisley, spoken following the news of the two deaths:

“Absolutely devastating news this evening from Ballycastle. My thoughts and prayers are with the Smith family circle this evening who have been thrown into the depths of grief after the tragic loss of a mum and daughter in a road traffic accident.

“My Prayers are with the little sister who is in a critical condition in hospital. Please pray for comfort for the family circle and the local Bushmills/ Ballycastle community.”

Councillor Darryl Wilson offered his condolences:

“Heartbreaking news coming through this evening from the North Coast.”

Can I offer my deepest sympathies to all impacted by this awful, awful tragedy.”

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