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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Motion to fly pride flag at council HQ passed – how your councillors voted

A motion to fly the pride flag alongside the Union flag at the councils HQ for the upcome Foyle pride event, was this evening passed by council.

But how did you Councillors vote?

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The flag will be flown on the 24th August.

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Below is a list of the councillors and how they voted, either for or against the motion.

Cllr Baird
The Mayor
Cllr Beattie
Cllr Boyle
Cllr Chivers
Cllr Dallat
Cllr Hillis
Cllr Hunter
Cllr McCaw
Cllr McGlinchy
Cllr McGurk
Cllr McKillop MA
Cllr McLaughlin
Cllr McMullan
Cllr McShane
Cllr Mulholland
Cllr Nicholl
Cllr Peacock
Cllr Quigley
Cllr Shenning
Cllr Wilson

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Cllr Anderson
Cllr Callan
Cllr Duddy
Cllr Fielding
Cllr Finlay
Cllr Holmes
Cllr McQuillan
Cllr Knight McQuillan
Cllr McAuley
Cllr McKeown
Cllr McCandless
Cllr McKillop
Cllr McClean
Cllr Robinson
Cllr Scott
Cllr Wallace

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