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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

North Antrim MLA’s react to Rasharkin pipe bomb attacks

Two of North Antrim’s MLA’s have condemned last nights attacks on two homes in the village of Rasharkin.

One device was thrown through a window of a house and the other left on the window ledge of a separate address.
Both were viable devices but no one was injured as a result.
Sinn Féin’s Philip McGuigan, who was at the scene last night, said;

“Those responsible for last night’s disruption have shown complete disregard for the local area. I’m relieved that no one has been hurt and these lethal weapons have now being taken off the streets.”

Mervyn Storey the DUP MLA for the area and Policing Board member, has also spoke out against the attacks, saying;

“This is a very concerning incident and caused disruption to people living in the area. Anyone involved in placing such a device clearly has no regard for life.
I would appeal for anyone who witnessed anything suspicious in the area to contact the police and assist them in bringing those responsible to justice.”

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Local Councillor John Finlay added,

“This was a reckless attack in a residential area which must be condemned by everyone. There is no place for intimidation and terror in our society and the people responsible must be apprehended and face the courts.
Thankfully neither of these devices exploded and no injuries were sustained. Such devices however are extremely unstable and indiscriminate. They could have caused injury or death to anyone who came into contact with them.”

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