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Sunday, July 3, 2022

North Coast seafood restaurant warns of fish shortages

Fish shortages are ‘expected’ to last for two months, according to a North Coast seafood restaurant.

Portstewart based restaurant, Native Seaford & Scran, have blamed complications with Brexit and the increased fuel costs as a reason for these shortages.

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In a social media post on Thursday evening, a spokesperson for the restaurant wrote: “You might have noticed we have had no fish this week.

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“This is due to complications with brexit and the rising cost of fuel for the boats making it not financially viable for them to go out. This means we are working with one boat a week for white fish and prime.

“We are still able to get some lobster and mackerel out of Portstewart / Portrush and oysters / mussels from the foyle but bar this we will have very minimal seafood options. This is roughly estimated to last for the next 2 months and beyond that who knows.

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“We don’t want to close and we have an amazing team so we will improvise our menu with more locally sourced meat and veg dishes and put on whatever seafood we can get our hands on but it’s not looking great.”

Given the shortage, the restaurant has no choice but to adapt the current menu asking customers to watch out for their new menu coming soon.

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