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Monday, October 18, 2021

Orange Lodge puts up warning sign at accident black spot

A local Orange Lodge has erected a warning sign urging motorists to slow down at an accident black spot near the iconic Dark Hedges tourist attraction which has witnessed a spate of accidents.

Just yards from the junction of Bregagh Road and Gracehill Road near Armoy a sign with the words ‘Warning Crossroads ahead, Slow Down, sponsored by Bushside LOL 923’ has been erected.

McAuley Multimedia
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The Lodge decided to take matters into its own hands after expressing frustration at the alleged lack of action by Roads Service to provide improved safety measures which members say is necessary to help minimise the risk of further collisions one of which claimed the life of an American tourist last September.

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Although the Roads Service have taken measures to enhance signage in response to previous incidents North Antrim MLA Mervyn Storey and local councillor Joan Baird have both said it is not enough and claim that Stop signs as well as speed bumps are necessary to have any positive effect.

A spokesperson for the Bushside Lodge WM Hugh Stewart said they were only carrying out the wishes of local residents who were heart scared of seeing further accidents caused by the alleged inattention to the current Give Way and general road signage by visitors to the iconic Dark Hedges trees.

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