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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Paddle Steamers sinking ‘remains unsolved’

The sinking of Paddle Steamer MV Oliver Cromwell, which sunk while making its was to Coleraine, remains unsolved.

After being bought by the Crannagh Marina, in Coleraine – it made its way from a dock in Gloucestershire where it had been moored for 9 years.

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The buyers had plans to turn the boat into a restaurant and hotel moored at the marina, BUT it sunk in 2018 just 12 miles west of South Stack near Anglesea, while making its way to the new buyers.

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According to a Gloucester Live article; ‘An investigation was launched into the incident, but a year and a half later there are still no answers.’


The steamer was put on sale in 2017, at that time with a £245,000 price tag, eventually being bought by the Crannagh Marina in 2018.

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