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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Parking tickets issued increases in Ballymoney

Recent statistics for the first quarter of 2019, January to March, released by the department of infrastructure has shown an increase in the number of tickets issued to car owners for parking offences in and around the town.

The number of tickets issued in Ballymoney for January to March 2019 was 240 for on street parking compared to the previous year where only 161 for the first quarter Issued in 2018.

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As far as off street parking tickets, 140 for the first period in 2019 compared to 128 inn 2018.

Main Street Ballymoney
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In stark contrast, Ballycastle which is closest roughly in size as Ballymoney, had only 29 ON street tickets and 5 OFF street tickets issued in the same period for 2019.

In the main towns, the following total traffic tickets issued (ON & OFF road) for 2019 were:

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Ballycastle 34

Ballymoney 380

Coleraine 907

Limavady 244

And over the full council area of Causeway Coast and Glen’s , including the other towns and villages not mentioned above, the total traffic tickets issued (ON & OFF road) increased compared to same three month in 2018.

A statement from Sinn Féin councillor Leanne Peacock reads:

“All motorists and road users should park responsibly and show consideration to those with disabilities and parents with prams. 

“However there needs to be a balance to ensure motorists are able to park in order to use local shops and services. 

“Parking authorities need to ensure availability of parking and show balance and flexibility in order to support local businesses and communities.” 

Details of all the stats can be viewed here:


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