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Sunday, October 17, 2021

‘Patch’ the dog put to sleep after suffering horrific injuries in Newry area. WARNING ⚠️ GRAPHIC IMAGES

There has been an ‘Outcry’ of sadness and anger on social media over pictures and details that emerged of ‘Patch’ the dog, who had to be put to sleep after being found with several injuries, inflicted-on the canine.

‘Patch’ before the horrific injuries.

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The dog was found by a passerby on Tuesday afternoon in the Newry area, and was discovered with what appeared to be severe burns covering the animals body along with cuts. It’s had been speculated that this may have been a deliberate ‘acid attack’ on the poor animal.

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The lady who found the injured dog contacted the dog warden who in turn took the animal to a local vet. Unfortunately the dog was too badly injured and it was decided the kindest thing was for the animal to be put to sleep.


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A spokesperson for the PSNI, Inspector McCullough said that;

“enquiries were ongoing in relation to the incident.”

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