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‘Peaceful protest’ against NI protocol set for Coleraine on Friday


Coleraine is to the venue for another protest march against the implication of the NI protocol on Friday, April 30.

Organised by the ‘Loyalist Coalition’, a social media post doing the rounds over the weekend invited the Loyalists community and Loyal Orders to gather at the Harpershill shop’s area of the town before making off along an unknown route.

Starting the reasons for this protest, the organisers said: “We will not accept the Northern Ireland protocol and the border in the Irish Sea which goes against the Good Friday Agreement.

“We will not accept two tier policing.
We demand equal British citizenship along with the rest of the United

Concluding they reminded people that, “This protest will be peaceful, those intent on violence can stay at home.
Social distancing will apply, come and make a stand for your country.

The police were approached for comment and have said: “We are aware of social media posts referring to planned events for this weekend, and we are monitoring the situation.