Philip McGuigan condemns Bushmills ATM robbery


Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has condemned those responsible for the overnight robbery of an ATM at a business in Bushmills.

The North Antrim MLA said:

“I condemn this robbery which saw a digger being used to steal the ATM, causing substantial damage to the building and brought major disruption to Bushmills.

“This is the second such robbery in North Antrim in as many weeks and people are beginning to ask how this gang can carry out these robberies unhindered. I have raised these raids at the Policing Board on two occasions and have been told that a special taskforce has been set up and that progress is being made but yet the robberies are continuing.

“For many years it has been a struggle to get ATM machines into small towns and villages to provide a vital service for the community. These raids are putting that service at risk.

“The PSNI need to catch those responsible to bring these incidents to an end.” 

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