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‘Pigs are more intelligent than your dog’ asserts online petition to stop pig processing factory


A petition has appeared online asking for support in an attempt to prevent the development of a meat processing plant outside Ballymoney.

Titled ‘Stop 1000s of pigs from a life of misery in Pig factory proposed in Ballymoney’, the petition is referring to plans which have been submitted for a new £75m pork processing plant which could create up to 400 local job’s.

The petition started by a Leslie-Anne Armstrong has ONLY at the time of this posting been signed 35 times.

The petition for the attention of North Antrim MP Ian Paisley and Causeway Coast & Glens council reads: ‘The suffering these pigs experience in factory farming and on their way to slaughter is unimaginable.

‘We should be moving forward in this country towards compassion, saving the planet not creating more factory farms this is a backward step. You only need to google pig slaughter to understand why I’m against this and why you should be also.

‘Pigs are more intelligent than your dog, they can play video games, feel pain and fear. In these facilities they will be squeezed into metal stalls barely big enough to fit or stand in. Separated from their babies which have their teeth and tails cut off without anaesthetic. Then finally after being denied everything they need and crave as an intelligent animal they are took to slaughter, denied food or water then hung upside down to bleed out all for a 5 minute meal.

Pigs should be treated like your dog or cat. Please help us help them and stop this from going ahead. The animals need you!’

The petition concluded by encouraging individuals to make their objections known, before providing the local council’s details and that of the Mayor and his Deputy.