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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

PM announces departure date – ‘deep regret’

The PM Theresa May has announced her departure date as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party.

Mrs May will leave 10 Downing Street on 7th June. A leadership contest will begin the following week.

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Speaking outside Downing Street Theresa May said it was with “deep regret” she couldn’t deliver Brexit. At the tail end of her speech her voice broke as she stated that it’s was a honour of her life to server “the country that I love”.

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This announcement comes after increasing calls for her resignation within her own party after she failed to muster an agreement with the EU and deliver BREXIT.

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A UK wide referendum on June 23td 2016 saw the people of the UK vote in favour of leaving the EU by 51.9% to 48.1%. Following the result, former PM David Cameron who called the referendum, and he himself being a Remainer, resigned leading to leadership challenge of which Teresa May won.

Theresa May despite also being a Remainer, promised to respect the result of the referendum and leave the EU by March 29th 2019.

Despite m promises, she has failed to secure a deal with the EU that was acceptable by the majority in parliament both by the opposition and those indeed within her own party. Even a promise to step down earlier this year as PM if the deal was accepted in parliament, couldn’t convince the MPs to vote on the deal.

Another contentious issue within her deal has been the backstop agreement which could be applied to Northern Ireland including a potential of a ‘hard boarder’ here.

In the PMs latest deal to be put on the table to parliament, it included a 2nd referendum on the subject to leave the EU. This would be the last straw for the Conservative party who threatened to oust Mrs May, leading for Theresa May to call it a day as the leader of the party and PM to the UK.

Now the Conservative party will see a challenge for the leadership and the role of PM in coming weeks, this shortly before a state visit from US president Donald Trump.

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