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Friday, November 27, 2020

PM’s chief advisor defends his decision to travel to a family farm during lockdown

The PM’s chief advisor Dominic Cummings has issed a statement regards allagations he breached lockdown regulations.

Explaining his actions, Mr Cummings said he traveled to his parents farm in Durham over 260 miles away, after his wife had become ill,

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Mr Cummings was worried about how his wife and he would look after the children should they both develop COVID-19, as they had ‘no childcare options’ at home.

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Speaking about staying at a cottage on his fathers farm, Mr Cumming’s told the media that his parents lived in one house, his sister in another and him, his wife and their child stayed in the cottage, BUT at no point did they visit his parents or sister.

The PM’s aid gave a detailed breakdown of the circumstances and events which occiured leading upto the recent revelations that he had traveled to his parents farm in Durham, acknowledging that many may be angry at his decision.

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Dominic Cummings had explained his actions to the PM previusly before making this public statement today, saying he hadn’t asked Mr Johnson for permission to travel  but believed he had acted ‘legally’ and that he ‘didn’t regret’ what he did.

Despite not getting tested for COVID-19, Mr Cummings said he had sought mediacal advice and was advised he was no danger, so returned to work after felling better.

Boris Johnson has stood by Mr Cummings and defended his decision, refusing to sack his advisor. Mr Cummings has also denied several stories including a second trip to Durham on April 14th which have been circulating in the media.



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