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Police car rammed off road after BMW failed to stop


A police car was significantly damaged after being rammed by another vehicle their were trying to stop on the M22.

The police vehicle ended up being pushed off the carriageway into a motorway light post, which was also damaged causing it to come down.

Speaking about the earlier incident, the police have issued the following appeal:

“Earlier today, a police patrol tried to stop a blue BMW travelling at high speed on the M22 Randalstown. The driver of the BMW failed to stop, and rammed the patrol off the road.

“If anyone has any dash cam footage of this incident, please contact police, incident 1486, 25/4/2020.”

Thankfully the PSNI report that the driver of the police vehicle was very fortunate to escape without serious injury.

FURTHER UPDATE: https://www.ballymoneybubble.co.uk/regional/police-office-treated-for-extensive-whiplash-injuries-following-fail-to-stop-incident-on-m22/13600/

The BMW was however abandoned further along the road and the driver made off, on foot, across the fields making good his escape.