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Police investigating possible poisoning attempt on Wildlife. GRAPHIC PICTURES

The PSNI are investigating attempts to poison wildlife in a Londonderry wood, after finding suspicious carcasses.

A spokesman for PSNI has said;

‘I don’t get the mindset of someone who would peg out carcasses of game birds in order to poison wildlife but that is exactly what someone has done at woodlands in Derry/Londonderry.

We will be having these examined to find out what surprises have been left on the carcasses and other raw meat but the current popular poisons used for Wildlife crime are toxic to humans and potentially fatal to children, it beggars belief that these have been left in a public place where kids could pick them up.

An investigation has commenced, the reference number is CCS 1208 16/2/19 anyone with any information please ring 101 ‘


A North Antrim local also posted a recent picture of what he believes was a buzzard which had either been shot or poisoned.
Dick Glasgow

The local named Dick Glasgow said;

‘Sadly, the north Antrim area does have a poor reputation when it comes to Wildlife Crimes being committed against Birds of Prey.

These heinous crimes are usually committed by those involved in rearing & releasing Game Birds, which are then shot for fun, or by Pigeon Fanciers, but also sometimes by Sheep Farmers. ‘

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