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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Police remind visitors to Rathlin to be ‘respectful’

Police have taken to social media to remind those travelling to Rathlin Island to be ‘respectful of the Island and the people who reside there’.

Posting on social media, police have said: “We have had a small number of reports where people are arriving for the day and are behaving in an antisocial manner, littering and generally causing a disturbance to local residents.

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“Much of the Island is designated as an area of special scientific interest and conservation, and we are concerned about reports of racing scramblers and smaller bikes across the open terrain.

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“There have also been reports of visitors being inconsiderate to other road users.

“The people of Rathlin always show a warm welcome to everyone but the onus is on all the visitors to show the residents and the Island the appropriate respect and consideration in return.”

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