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Friday, August 12, 2022

Popular Portrush restaurant ‘visited’ by unwelcome rodent

The popular restaurant at Portrush harbour, The Ramore, was the scene of a chase between staff and a loose rat.

Customers were caught up as staff tryed to corner and contain a rat which had made its way into the building.

In a video posted on social media, the staff chased the rodent with brushes as a mixture of laughter and panic ensued with several customer standing on their chairs as the rat scurried around the floor.

Video Still

Eventually the rat got caught up inside one of the wire bucket seats where staff pinned down the rat with one, which is graphically shown in the video, standing on the rat in what appears to have killed the creature.
Video Still

People quickly took to social media to voice their opinion, many condemned the way in which the capture and killing of the rodent happen, especially in front of customers.
Social media users were quick to share the video which had been seen ten of thousands of times across all its shares, with a range of internet memes also being created at the same time.
Ballymoney Bubble has reached out to the restaurant for comment on Facebook but as of yet we have received no reply.

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