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Portrush Pipe Band Competition back for consideration with £22k price tag


After the previous announcement by the RSPBANI that this years Pipe Band Competition due to be held in Portrush later this year had been canceled – it appears this has been put back on the agenda from the upcoming Leisure and Development Committee (March 18) again for consideration.

Councillors in the Leisure and Development Committee are being asked on Wednesday night to give ‘consideration to the request from the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association NI for £12,000 funding in addition to the £10,000 allocated within the Tourism Recreation Events budget 2020/21’.

The RSPBANI had previously been spared the recent cuts by council, and had applied for funding from the 2020/21 Tourism Event Funding Programme. According to council:

“The RSPBANI submitted a Stage 1 application and after assessment Council Officials advised that they should progress to a Stage 2 of the Growth Fund application. A Stage 2 application was not submitted.”

But now it would appear that the governing body of Pipe Band competitions would like to discuss the event again, and approached the Director of Leisure and Development, with a change to they’re ‘previously agreed programme’ – according to council.

This request, given they missed the opportunity of the Tourism Event Funding, the RSPBANI are now looking to be allocated £12,000 in addition to the £10,000 they would have received as a goodwill payment, a total of £22,000 requested

If funding is agreed, this would allow the event to take place on the suggest dates of the 31 July and 1 August 2020.

Causeway DEA Councillor, Mark Fielding, ahead of the meeting tomorrow night has said:

“Portrush needs the Pipe Band Championship and should be a permanent fixture on the event calendar for the Town. It draws large crowds to the centre of the town with economic benefit in particular to Portrush. The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association NI know it would be sorely missed by the community, visitors and traders in Portrush if it didn’t occur this year. It is clear to anyone who attends the event of its popularity down through the years, which still maintains, and I am delighted that the opportunity exists in Tuesday night to ensure it returns again this summer”