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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Protest at Council amidst planned ‘closed confidential’ discussion on car parking charges

A protest has been planned at Causeway Coast & Glen’s council HQ, Cloonavin this evening, as the council is set to discuss controversial car parking charges.

A video posted online has encouraged those opposed to the various changes to show their support, particularly traders in Portrush, by way of a protest outside the council building.

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Council last year published a draft of plans to increase charges across the borough including introducing charges for car parks which had previously been free.

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These also including several car parks in the coastal towns including Portrush, which see’s huge numbers of tourist during the year.

The video spoke of the affects it would have on those wishing to avail of public services like Doctor appointments, the use of amenities like beaches or those visiting the coastal town to eat, amongst other issues including possible effects on tourism.

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The video concludes with the spokesperson encouraging locals to email their local councillors and letting ‘their voice be heard’.

The protest has been planned for 5:45pm tonight (Tuesday January 7th), which will coincide with the arrival of councillors for their meeting, a meeting where the item of car parking charges will be heard in the privacy of committee.

UUP Councillor Hillis issued a statement last week which read;

“Officials of Causeway Coast and Glens BC are planning a discussion on Car Parking Charges for our coastal towns in a closed confidential session at the councils next meeting this coming Tuesday 7th January.

“My UUP colleagues will be resisting this being held in secret and charges being imposed in our coastal towns and villages such as Portstewart, Portrush, Portballintrae, Balintoy and Ballycastle.

“This is now the time to make your views known to your local councillors. This has been stopped before and can be stopped again but only with your help! Now is the time to act.”

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