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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Protester speak out over housing of Syrian Refugees

Speaking at the protest surrounding the housing of Syrian Refugees in the area, protest spokesperson Mark Brown made a statement to local press.

Mr Brown, who introduced himself as the ‘former leader of Northern Ireland National Front’ said;

“Legitimate concern and worrie has soared within the borough in regards the notion to resettle 3rd world refugees from Syria.

Our argument is there has been no transparency, no outline and no nothing whatsoever to endeavour, to encourage or help anybody within the locality of Coleraine itself.

However the people who are in a position of power are pushing the narrative. They are virtue signalling, as we all know it’s coming up the month of May. They all want to get back into their custie seats back up at Coleraine (council) chamber.

We’re not happy, nobody is happy.”

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