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Punishment beating victim jailed for drugs



A man who was subject to a so-called punishment beating earlier this year has been jailed for drugs offences.

Gerald Patrick Lavy, whose address was given on court papers as Simon Community, Coleraine, pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis and diazepam on May 18.

The 30-year-old was beaten by a masked gang armed with iron bars in his Creggan home in March. He sustained a number of fractures as a result of the attack and had to leave the city.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard police were called to the city’s train station because a male appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Police spoke to the 30-year-old and there was a strong smell of cannabis.

Lavy was searched and he was found to be in possession of cannabis and diazepam. His home was also searched and further drugs were found. In total, 14 grams of cannabis and 140 diazepam were discovered by police.