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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Rasharkin Parade – Parades comission imposes conditions.

Ballymaconnelly Sons of Conquerors parade is due to take place in Rasharkin on Friday the 18th August at 7pm where the band along with 24 others will parade throught the village.

Dispite the parade passing off in recent years without major incidents the parades comission have this year yet again imposed conditions on the parade.

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The parades commission full statement reads as follows;

In the absence of an accommodation the Commission has, in line with its statutory duties, determined on the disputed parade and protests. It considered the adverse impacts on community relations and community life, the potential for public disorder and the competing human rights of all parties. The Commission has concluded that, whilst tensions have eased somewhat in recent years regarding this evening band parade, the impacts remain adverse. There are high risks of public disorder, community tensions are heightened and there is a restriction on the freedom of movement of residents for a number of hours. The Commission has sought to mitigate the risks of public disorder and adverse impacts on community life by the imposition of a timing condition; the parade’s 25 bands must disperse by 9.00pm. The Commission has sought to reduce community tensions by stipulating the flags and banners which may be carried by parade participants. Under no circumstances, should any paramilitary trappings or symbols be displayed during the parade.
The Commission has also imposed conduct conditions on the protest groups, and has stipulated their locations. These conditions are necessary, proportionate and fair in all the circumstances for this parade and related protests at this time. The Commission continues to urge all parties to the parading dispute to resolve through local dialogue the issues which contribute to the heightened risks surrounding this parade.
The Rasharkin Residents’ Collective (RRC), recently met with the parades comission and said they would call off their counter protest against the parade if the parade is re-routed and doesn’t pass down Main street. This protest would involve 50 residents if it goes ahead.
Another protest against the parade is also organised by Rasharkin Residents’ Association, also involvinf 50 of the villages residents.
The 25 bands taking part in the this years parade have been released by Ballymaconnelly Sons of Conquerors and are:
Ballymaconnelly SOC
Dunaghy FB
Drumaheagles YD
Tullaghans SOL
Crown Defenders Cloughmills
Pride of the Maine
Dunamoney fb
The Vow acc band
Ballyquinn fb
Pride of the Bann
Pride of the Park Armoy
Dervock Young Defenders
Ahoghill loyal sons of William
Killycogan acc band
Dunloy acc band
Cullybackey lol fb
Macosquin fb
Boveedy fb
Giants Causeway fb
Benvarden fb
Maghera lsow
Portrush fb
Moneydig fb
Pride of Orange Ballynarrig fb
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