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Friday, August 12, 2022

Revival proposal for historic market yard

A deal between a private sector backer and Causeway Coast & Glens Council is understood to be considered in a bid to rejuvenate and restore Coleraine’s historic market yard.

It is understood, if successfu, the new tenant promises to ‘restore the Market Yard as a traditional market for quality local produce, goods and services.’

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As yet details of the potential tenant are unknown, however, they have indicated to invest a ‘personal significant finance’.

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Minutes of the Land & Property sub committee report reads; “The main purpose is to rejuvenate the local area and utilise the beautiful Market Yard facade to welcome both locals and tourists to a top-quality experience enhancing the immediate vicinity of Coleraine Town Centre and add to the reputation of Coleraine as the capital of the North Coast.

“Significant personal finance will be invested in this project (subject to the necessary consents) which will be welcomed by local traders, residents of Coleraine and those visiting the area”.

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Members agreed to accept the tender offer to lease Coleraine Market Yard for a term of 10 years.

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