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Sea, Land & Air search after red flare spotted

A full sea Land and Air search is underway at the Bar Mouth Portstewart at 0200 hours on Sunday morning. A red flare was seen by numerous members of the public . Coastguards teams, Portrush all weather lifeboat and Police Helicopter 44 are carrying out a extensivee search of the area MCAULEY MULTIMEDIA

Bar Mouth Portstewart was the scene of a large full sea, land and air search after a red flare was spotted in the sky.

The search began in the early hours of Sunday morning following multiple sightings of a flare according to the RNLI.

Coastguard teams, Portrush All Weather Lifeboat and Police Helicopter 44 all carried out an extensivee search of the area. The operation was stood down when nothing was found.

Carl Kennedy Deputy Launching Authority at Portrush RNLI said:

“As the RNLI will always respond to reports of a distress flare being spotted, we would ask members of the public to take care when launching any kind of light, firework, flare or Chinese lantern during the night as these can be seen as distress flares and reported as an emergency call.

“This can entail, as it did tonight, huge resources being deployed by emergency services to ensure that there was no-one in danger. Tonight this was a false alarm with good intent with no-one in danger.”