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Monday, May 16, 2022

Secretary of State extends period to restore power-sharing in N.I.

Secretary of State Karen Bradley has said she will extend the period to restore power-sharing in Northern Ireland after talks recently with the political parties here.

Karen Bradley issued the following statement on the restoration of power in Northern Ireland;

“The decision to extend the time period for the formation of a Northern Ireland Executive follows extensive engagement with the five main political parties in Northern Ireland and the Irish Government.

In recent discussions all five parties reaffirmed their commitment to restoring a power-sharing Executive and the other political institutions set out in the Belfast Agreement.

The people of Northern Ireland deserve strong political leadership from a locally elected, accountable devolved Government and I am absolutely focused on achieving this outcome.”

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Ms Bradley is now proposing more round table talks to restore power-sharing at the earliest opportunity and has introduced ‘secondary legislation’ which extends the period from March 26th, giving up to 5 months (August 25th 2019) for the devolved government to be restored.

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