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‘Serious Incident’ at Trinity Drive, Ballymoney on Tuesday Evening

Early Tuesday (24th July) evening at around 8pm, Police were called to what was described as a ‘Serious’ ongoing incident at a block of flats on Trinity Drive in the Glebeside Estate area of Ballymoney.

Picture: McAuley Multimedia

Up to 7 police vehicles, both marked and unmarked, with firearms offices securing the back of the flats were on scene including a single ambulance crew.
Picture: Chris Shaw Photography

The incident was confined to an upstairs flat on Trinity Drive which police secured and brought in what’s is believed to be a police negotiator with their efforts in talking to a male individual.
At one point near the conclusion, a raised voice could be heard from one of the flat windows arguing with the police. shortly after a woman was escorted from the other end of the block of flats and placed into one of the waiting police cars.
A brief time late after the ambulance arrived back on scene, after leaving earlier, a male under armed guard was led out the back of the flats appearing to have cuts to his throat and wrists, before being placed in a waiting police van.
Both the female and male were transported in their respective vehicles to hecklers from the gathered residents, many of which had gathered over the course of the evening.

The exact details of the incident remain unknown at this time, but it is believed to stem from a domestic or hostage type situation leading to the eventual standoff between a male and police which lasted almost 4 hours till just after midnight.
FUSE FM Ballymoney will bring you move on this story as it becomes known.

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