Sinn Fein President pictured behind banner branded ‘racist’


The president of SinnFein, May Lou McDonald, had been pictureD behind a banner in New York City as part of their St Patrick’s day parade which read ‘England GET OUT OF IRELAND’.

A number of politicians have branded the picture and Sinn Féin’s presidents apparent support of the banners message as ‘intolerant’ showing lack of ‘equality and respect’, even ‘racist’ by one local councillor.

Ulster Unionist council Darry Wilson’s has said;

“Can you imagine if a leader of a political party from anywhere else in the world trotted through the streets of the most powerful nation on earth brandishing a banner which displayed such a sickening message of hatred and racism, like Mary Lou McDonald did yesterday.

There would be mass outrage, calls for resignations, grovelling apologies.I’ll not hold my breath!!

The Sinn Fein mask slips….AGAIN!”

Alliance leader Naomi Long has also criticised Mary Lou Mcdonald;

“This banner is not just profoundly stupid (England is not now and never has been or could be in Ireland) but it sends out a hostile and offensive message to anyone English or of English extraction on this island. Respect, Equality, Integrity anyone?”

The backlash came after the party posted the following tweet yesterday evening (Saturday).

Mary Lou McDonald is on a trip to America as part of the US St Patrick’s day celebrations but has yet failed to to address or comment on the picture other than to retweet it.
Questions are now being asked of the Sinn Féin President to explain herself and calling her position into question.

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