‘Skater’ causes brief disruption to Junior Orange parade in Portrush


A male who was skating in the vacinity of the amphitheater in Portrush on Saturday, during the annual Junior Orange parade, had to be removed by police after allegedly shouting obscenities and halting a band from proceeding along the route for a brief period of time.

The parade, made up of bands and young Junior Orange members, briefly haulted as the male was removed from the middle of the road and held until police arrived.

The police offices removed the male from the immediate area but it is understood he was let go a short time later. MLA Maurice Bradley has said that after speaking to police, he was informed that the individual was ‘arrested for the matter but released on bail’.

The bands in the vicinity, who are understood to have remained calm while the male was being dealt with, quick got the parade underway again.

Bystanders who witnessed the incident unfold have taken to social media to condemn the male for interrupting a parade with so many young people.

It’s understood that a video of the incident was taken and is now in the possession of Coleraine’s Pride of the Band who had to stop for the individual. They have already or intend to pass this video on to the PSNI according to a source close to the band.

Ballymoney Councillor John Finlay has spoken about this individuals actions saying;

“Provocation today at junior orange parade in portrush, police took the offender away but he was later released. I will follow this up to make sure all men are equal under the law and that all men subject to the law
This need dealt with by the law. We must find out what happens.”

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