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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

‘Spyglasses’ Male charged after allegedly filming young boy on Portstewart beach

A man in his 60’s has been charged with ‘’voyeurism’ after allegedly filming a young boy getting changed on a Portstewart beach.

The Male is accused of useing ‘spyglasses’ which are suspected to have the capability to record video.

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A father down with his own children became suspicious of the Male who was ‘acting weirdly’ with the sunglasses, pointing them in the direction of a young boy getting changed.

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He phoned the police who attended the incident at the Crescent Portstewart on Saturday around 3.45pm.

The Male in question is also believed to be a repeat offender.

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A spokesperson for the police has confirmed the incident saying,

“A 64-year-old male has been charged with voyeurism. He is expected to appear before Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday 19 August.

“The charge is in connection with an incident in The Crescent area of Portstewart on Saturday 27 July.”

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