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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Stats on the reporting of road related issues see’s conflicting views from Councillor Finlay and Wilson

Councillor John Finlay has released figures received under a FOI Request which details statistics on how many road related issues in the Ballymoney DEA were reported by Councillors in the year 2014/15 to 2018/19 to date.
These issues, not limited to, include the reporting of street lights, potholes, footpaths , traffic calming , and residents parking etc.
Councillor Finlay revealed that out of a total of 260 reports, He was responsible for 190 of these. He also revealed that the DUP reported 219 of the 260.
William Blair TUV 3
Thomas McKeown UUP 17
Cathal McLaughlin SF 6
Darryl Wilson UUP 15
DUP Cllrs. 219
However Councillor Darryl Wilson has questioned the accuracy of these statistics, taking to social media to voice his opinion and reveal that there is other methods to reporting road related defects.

‘I must commend and praise Cllr finlay on his efforts to report defects in the town, all efforts are greatly appreciated,However I must add, for the last 4 years while working as an elected representative I have used numerous methods to report such issues including using the phone and reporting the issues using the DfI online system.
Both of these methods are not included in the figures below which are misleading (I’ve reported more than 15 issues to DfI in the last 4 days alone, all of which have been screenshotted and sent to the constituents)…. Don’t be misled’.

Councillor Wilson also provided two screenshots of an email propose-ably showing his submissions to DfI.

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