'Stinger' deployed by PSNI near Coleraine University


The PSNI have revealed that in the early hours of Wednesday (20th February) morning they deployed a ‘stinger’ device in order to bring what they believed to be a ‘stolen vehicle’ to a halt in Coleraine

Following a report of a stolen vehicle, PSNI LPT in Coleraine were tasked with finding and stopping the vehicle in question.

The car was found in the area of the Bushtown Hotel and a carefully coordinated pursuit of the vehicle was carried out around the outskirts of Coleraine. This was managed by a specially trained Tactical Pursuit Supervisor, based in Belfast.

Speaking about the pursuit, a PSNI spokesperson said:

“A ‘Stinger’, also known as a ‘tyre deflation device’, was deployed on the anticipated route the vehicle might take. This successfully resulted in the deflation of two of the vehicles tyres, slowing it down.

The pursuit continued into the grounds of Coleraine University where the two occupants jumped out and made a bid for freedom. Unfortunately for them we were faster.”

PSNI ‘Stinger’ device

The two individuals were caught and arrested for Aggravated TADA, Failing to Stop, No Driving Licence, No Insurance and Breach of Bail.

Both will appear in court in the coming days

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