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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

STOP signs to be erected at Dark Hedges

The Road Service have updated Councillor Baird that STOP signs are to be erected at Bregagh and Fivey Road junctions with Gracehill Road.

The junctions, close to the famous Dark Hedges, have become an accident black spot over the years, with many calling for better signage.

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The confirmation that these signs are finally being erected will be welcomed by many.

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Councillor Baird was one of a number who recently attended a memorial to US honeymooner Michael Monroe who was killed at the junction.

Speaking about the news, UUP Councillor Joan Baird said;

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“Very pleased to report on progress with Dark Hedges signage. Roads Service have just advised this morning that they are going to erected STOP signs at Bregagh and Fivey Road junctions with Gracehill Road.

“Also adding rumble strips at both. It’s been a long campaign and sad situation for locals and tourists alike. Just hope they move on quickly to implementation. Thanks to all those who have helped me with the campaign.”

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