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Monday, October 18, 2021

Traffic concerns over parking congestion on Eastermeade Gardens in Ballymoney.

Locals have yet again raised concerns over the parking condition along the Eastermeade Gardens area of the town, making it difficult for residents to access and causing traffic delays.

This is a long running issue of concern and is particular troublesome during school times when children are being dropped off and picked up, with both a primary and secondary school yards from the top of the road.

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The issue is not just confined to Eastermeade Gardens, with residents of Charlotte Street also struggling with parking and traffic issues.

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One local resident of Charlotte Street has told us:

” It has recently become an absolute joke along Charlotte Street. The street is not the widest and residents struggle to park their own cars at the best of times, but when it hits half eight in the morning, all the shop owners and workers in the town feel the need to park along our street!

And the yellow lines don’t even stop some people who park on the pavement forcing us onto the road to walk round the vehicles. I’ve on more that one occasion have had to push my grandchild pram off the pavement onto the road to pass these vehicles. Someone is going to get hurt someday.”

Simlar views have been expressed by residents along Eastermeade, with one saying;

“Cars park along one side then there is only room for one flow of traffic. Twice this week I could not get home as two lanes have been blocked and stubborn people won’t try to move. It a disaster.

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Local Councillor John Finlay has already been in talks for the Department of Infrastructure (DfI) and other agencies to address this issue, with a possible solution being a ‘Resident Parking Permits’ scheme, similar to those in other areas in Northern Ireland.

DfI in response to Mr Finlay’s request for Eastermeade Gardens to be considered for such a scheme have said they will ‘assess’ it’s suitability.

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