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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tribute paid to Sgt Paul Oram

Sgt Paul Oram was killed in gun battle between undercover British Army members and Irish Republican Army (IRA) members in Dunloy, near Ballymoney, County Antrim.
Councillor Darryl Wilson pays tribute to Sgt Paul Oram on the anniversary of his death.

Councillor Darryl Wilson has paid tribute to Sgt Oram by saying;

“Over the weekend we witnessed Sinn Fein and their representatives glorify two dead IRA terrorists at a memorial service which was held in Dunloy.

I think it is fitting at this time to pay tribute to the members of her Majesty’s Crown Forces who fought terrorism around the clock to keep civilians safe during the troubles, many of these brave men and women paid the ultimate price by sacrificing their lives for our safety and wellbeing.

Unfortunately twenty-six-year-old Sergeant Paul Oram, who was married with a five-month-old daughter lost his life in a gun battle with the aforementioned IRA members.

Sgt Oram had been tasked with surveillance work on a suspected arms dump in Carness when he was killed just prior to the shooting of the IRA terrorists by the SAS.

WE must keep the memory alive of Sgt Oram and the countless others who gave their all for the peace we take for granted today.

Lest we forget”

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